Battling Pneumonia in Sub-Saharan Africa.


Battling Pneumonia in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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THE MAMAOPE: Saving lives through pneumonia diagnosis

Every child, no matter where they are born, should have the right to a healthy life. Unfortunately, this has not been the case in Africa for a long time. Common killer diseases still claim a huge number of lives, and every day we are bombarded with images of pain in the media. These diseases have been the top causes of children’s death throughout the continent time and time again.

Ugandan Engineers invented a smart jacket that will diagnose pneumonia

A team of Ugandan Engineers invented a smart jacket which will diagnose pneumonia. Surprisingly, the jacket diagnoses pneumonia faster than a doctor. In fact, pneumonia is one of the fatal diseases that kill a large number of children across the world. According to UNICEF, each year 900,000 children under five in South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa alone suffer and die from pneumonia. Moreover, pneumonia is more death causing than other diseases like diarrhea, malaria, meningitis, or HIV/Aids.

The biomedical smart jacket that diagnoses pneumonia using Bluetooth

Biomedical smart jacket - Pneumonia is a deadly condition. It's responsible for 16% of all deaths of children under five. A main contributing factor to this is slow diagnosis. Ugandan Invertor...

Medical smart jacket tackles misdiagnosis of pneumonia

Ugandan graduate Brian Turyabagye was studying engineering when his friend’s grandmother fell seriously ill. Accompanying her to hospital, he watched as doctors diagnosed malaria and prescribing various treatments accordingly. Only as she lay dying did they realise their initial diagnosis was wrong. It was pneumonia that was killing her.

Ugandans Invent 'smart jacket' to diagnose pneumonia

A team of Ugandan engineers have invented a "smart jacket" that diagnoses pneumonia faster than a doctor, offering hope against a disease which kills more children worldwide than any other...

Biomedical Smart Jacket “MamaOpe”

A Ugandan graduate designed a high-tech wearable to fight the scourge of pneumonia in Sub-Saharan Africa. Early diagnosis is key when fighting disease. This fact is especially true in developing countries like Uganda where pneumonia kills up to 27 000 children every year. According to The Guardian, an innovation by 24-year-old Ugandan graduate Brian Turyabagye could play a key role in changing the way we approach pneumonia treatment in Sub-Saharan Africa.


Our Idea

Pneumonia is a common illness that affects millions of people each year.Pneumonia is usually diagnosed by looking at the patient's symptoms and past records.

It is commonly misdiagnosed with malaria, asthma and tuberculosis. These diseases have vital signs in common and there is need to clearly differentiate them. Lack of a clear differentiation between viral and bacterial pneumonia during diagnosis leads to wrong administration of drugs which creates resistance. Research shows that most lives are lost when the disease is under-estimated i.e. when its severity is not known.

MAMA-OPE is a biomedical application for early diagnosis and continuous monitoring of pneumonia patients. It derives its name from Olivia’s (team member) grandmother who lost the battle to pneumonia in June 2014. MAMA stands for mother and OPE denotes hope. The MAMA-OPE thus symbolizes “Hope for the Mother”. The vest specifically designed for children 0 to 5 years who are most prone to the disease.


MamaOpe is a kit that can aid health workers and practitioners to easily diagnose Pnemonia at a faster rate with increased accuracy.

Easy To Use

The diagnosis process is standardised by the which displays a result hence making the kit user-friendly.                                

Time Saving

MamaOpe measures all the vital signs at once which potentially reduces the average diagnosis time.

Support For Telemedicine

It provides an option for patient data storage that can be used for tracking and monitoring of patient records.             

Cloud Storage

Medical records can easily and safely be stored and shared using the power of the cloud.

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